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When the night is long and cold

The day is lonesome and blue,

The tears begin to get old

My thoughts always drift to you.

When always my tears are close to be blood.

Sadness start dressing my loneliness bed

You are the miracle that bright my face with smile

When my heart is quickly bleakly and

Such break down force me to search in my mind

For something to step the aching

You are the one I find who can only stop such break down

When I am feeling helpless and weak

You give me the strength to move on

When I am broken and lost the gut of speaking

You give me the word through your words

The happiness I know with you

Is like nothing I have ever felt before

When once all was closed from view,

Now you have opened the door and

Released my heart and soul,

My deepest love and devotion,

Finally making me whole.

If we are forced to be apart

Throughout everything you do,

Please know that you are in my heart and that

I am thinking of you…


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A young girl of 17 years old want to get married next month. Below are some comments about her plants to get married…
Her mother said to her " You are to young to get married…"
Her father said " You can not get married until you are 18 years or over…"
Her brother said " Your boyfriend isn’t good enough for you…"
Her sister said " You are making a big mistake…"
The judge said " You need parent’s consent…"
The minister said " You can not get married without your parent consent…"
Her grand- mother said " You are being very folish…"
Her uncle said " You will be sorry later…"
Her aunt said " You have not know him long enough…"
Her grand – father said " Your boyfriend won’t be able to support you…"
After such carring and great advise she realise her mistake and conclude to wait for the right time…
Success is supposed to simplify our life.
Inevitabily,it complicates it further and perhaps we need the complications, the intrigues,the fresh striving for even greater success.
Once we have achieved what we have always wanted, we suddendly discover a new need, a new sense of something lacking and so we travail on,in search of this new accomplishement, this new change of life in hope that, this time, the sense of contentement will be permanent…
                 But then,when we have  reached this new plateau of achievement we find ourselves wondering: can we sustain all this now? Might it slip away from us?
Or worse- yet -might we are tire of it all, and discover that what we have in the past was actually what we wanted all along.
Then we question such mistery and wonder :why weren’t we satisfy of it at the first place? after going through such journey we realise it is not that necessary but worth it…